A honeymoon fit for Royalty

Conrad & Retha Cooke
May 22, 2018
Selous Safari Company

Rumour has it that the Royal newlyweds are off on safari for their honeymoon. Harry, who has stayed at Siwandu Camp before, definitely has few valid points for choosing safari over more traditional honeymoon destinations. 

Here are our top 5 reasons:

1)     The experience of a lifetime: Nowadays, travel is more about experiences and less about R&R. While some people consider lounging on pristine beaches sipping Pina Coladas as an unforgettable experience, Millennials and the Next Generation want more. They want to sip on an ice cold, locally brewed beer while watching the blood-red African sun set behind a baobab tree. They want hippos blowing mist high up into the air while their guide tells them about growing up in a nearby village. And who better to share these experiences with than the person you married only a few days ago?

Making amazing memories

2)     Feel Special: The safari industry in general is known for its service beyond excellence and our camps have been setting the trend for 30 years. With experienced teams of bush-butlers, guides, housekeepers, chefs & security guards, adding personalized special touches to make your honeymoon extra-special is as easy as saying “I do”. 

Service as bright as the shirt and the smile

3)     The ‘hero’ groom: There’s never a better time for newly married man to show his beautiful wife that he is the brave and fearless hero she married. “Dangerous” hippos walking right past the tent at night or “scary” hyenas whooping not far away all provide ample opportunity to say calmly and reassuringly, “Don’t worry honey, I’ve got this!” (…as he reaches for the whistle to summon the Massai warrior on look-out duty!). 

"Darling, we have guests for a drink"

4)     Real, unique and authentic. Much like the wedding day itself, newlyweds want real, unique and authentic honeymoons. Destinations like the Selous Game Reserve & Ruaha National Park are well off the beaten track and filled with solitude and charm. While Tanzania is becoming an increasingly popular holiday (and honeymoon) destination, the remote south remains as real, unique and authentic as Africa gets.

The glorious, deserted beauty of Southern Tanzania

5)     There’s always a beach close by. The beauty of Tanzania’s beaches is no secret, so why not end your safari-honeymoon with those famed Pina-Coladas? Less than a 90-minute flight away, Ras Kutani, our camp on the Swahili Coast has ample space for romantic private dinners, lounging on the beach or walking along the wild coastline, hand-in-hand into the sunset… Just as you’ve always imagined your honeymoon to be.

What better spot to gaze into each other's eyes?- (if you can tear your eyes away from the view!)

We love to celebrate ‘love’ here at Selous Safari Company!- so we have devised a special rate for newlyweds: 7 nights for the price of 5!

Click here for more information on these Special Honeymooner rates, and don't hesitate to contact us at reservations if we can help further.


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