Fanjove Island has secured the 9th position in the ‘Best Island’ category in the prestigious LLM Readers’ Travel Awards 2020.

Competing with well-known islands such as Tenerife in Spain, Santorini and Crete in Greece, Maui in Hawaii amongst others, we are thrilled Fanjove Island was among the selected winners. Fanjove is the only African island listed, a great feat for the smallest island in the Songo Songo Archipelago, just off the coast of Tanzania.  

The awards, run by LLM - Luxury Lifestyle Magazine in partnership with Blue Bay Travel, saw more than 21 000 readers deliberating over the shortlisted nominees of some of the industry’s most astonishing travel destinations, show-stopping hotels, cruise lines, tour operators and the like across a variety of travel related categories.

Designed to reward the travel industry elite for excellence in a number of categories, nominees were narrowed down by an expert panel of judges, according to a strict set of criteria, before being set free on the discerning readers to pick their favourites.

Fanjove Island banda

This latest accolade reaffirms Fanjove’s position as one of the hidden gems to travel to in Africa. This iconic predominantly sand and coral island with its many palm trees, white sandy beaches and shimmering water is only one kilometer long and about 400 meters wide. Despite its size, Fanjove definitely packs a punch when it comes to service, quality, experience and overall value for money.

Juan Fourie, Fanjove Island Manager, says, “Being listed as one of the top 10 islands in the LLM Readers’ Travel Awards 2020 is a great achievement for our entire team at Selous Safari Company. Their dedication and hard work has made Fanjove the special gem it is today.”

This year, the awards attracted a total of 21,876 individual votes. To find out more, visit

Dhow Sailing at Fanjove Island

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