As we take this moment to reflect back on a particularly challenging year, we firstly want to thank you for your continued and valued support during this time. Not only has our entire industry faced extremely tough times, but our families, friends, and colleagues have also been fighting their own personal battles this year.  

When we look back, we feel immensely grateful and relieved we could keep our doors open during this tough season. We appreciate modern technology even in our remote off the beaten track locations with access to the internet, we have managed to continue with online guide training, six nights a week since the beginning of lockdown. We are still continuing with this practice, we have been sharing some of these moments on our social media posts and for those of you who have missed them please visit our YouTube channel.

We are grateful for every guest who has managed to stay with us this season and thankful for every booking postponed, plus future bookings. Thank you for the part you have played in this.

As we look forward to 2021 we wish you a wonderful holiday season. May the New Year be filled with lots of adventure, travel plans filled with many memories, happiness and prosperity!

From the SSC Family

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In this part of the world we don’t really talk about seasons. Instead of distinct Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn seasonality, game viewing in the south of Tanzania revolves around rainfall.
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Snakes are often not high up on our guest’ list of animals they would like to encounter on safari. The reality is snakes are often misunderstood and therefore unappreciated. Unfortunately many snake species have become threatened and while snakes may not be the most popular reptile in the world, have you ever wondered why they play a critical role in the ecosystem?
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A brand new safari season has arrived and we are thrilled to announce our bush camps Siwandu and Jongomero are open. After the long rains in Tanzania, the bush looks spectacularly lush and green. Our lakes and rivers are filled to the brim, the wildlife are all looking well-fed and healthy.
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