New Managers at Ras Kutani

Ricus Delport & Pietro Bosman
December 8, 2017
Ras Kutani

We would like to welcome Simon and Giulia to the Selous Safari Company as our new Ras Kutani Management Couple. We are excited to have an adventurous and energetic couple looking after Ras and hosting our guests.

Simon was born and raised in Belgium, from a young age he has been interested in Africa and its animals. When he was 18 his dream came true and he went on his first Safari with his family in Kenya and Tanzania. From then on he just knew he wanted to live his life in Africa. When Simon was 23 he went to South Africa to follow a 1 year guiding course to complete his FGASA qualifications. It is then, during his guiding internship as a guide/researcher on a private game reserve that he met Giulia!

Giulia was born in Italy and at high school she already knew that tourism and traveling were going to be a big part of her future life. She decided to study tourism and languages in high school and that gave her the possibility to work in different hotels and campsites in her home town, but something was still missing. She always looked for something different, something that would make her travel and discover new places. For that reason, when she was 18 she moved to Milan to continue her studies in tourism, events and marketing at the University, graduating in the summer of 2015. Her passion for Africa came when the University gave her the opportunity to start an internship in marketing at a research project in South Africa, that is where she met Simon.

Together they continued working for the research project but when the offer came to go and work for a lodge in the Kruger National Park they didn’t hesitate one second. Giulia worked in the office and was in charge of the marketing and social media of the lodge, Simon was assisting the manager. This is also where their passion for wildlife photography grew, taking every chance to go in the park and photograph animals.

Fueled by their passion for wildlife, the African culture and photography they decided to take a break from work and travel by car through the National Parks of the Southern African countries. During that trip they had some crazy adventures so make sure to ask them about it when you meet them!

We couldn't be happier to welcome you to the team.

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