Every season, before opening the camps, all the managers take some time in Dar es Salaam to prepare themselves for the new season.

Besides long meetings, bulk orders and brainstorming, there is always time for a nice evening of wine tasting. Learning the new faces, drinking, eating and making changes to the wine menu of the camps is one of the highlights of the opening!

This year in particular, we decided to spice things up - we chose a new, top quality, locally produced item.

However, we are not talking about wines…

One of the new drinks on the menu is the Cruxland Gin. In all our camps, guests will now be able to taste this gin – it is fragrant an clear, boasting notes of fresh juniper and lemon, enhanced by coriander and spices. What makes Cruxland so special, is the character from the rare and exotic Kalahari truffle. It can only be found at certain times of the year, when rain causes it to swell, creating the tell-tale (to experts only) cross shaped cracks in the ground surrounding it.

This new signature of the KWV Spirits production team is made close to Cape Town and won the best London Dry Gin award from South Africa.

But if you are not a gin person, do not worry. We’ve got your back! Having a nice glass of white wine after your safari or a day spend on the beach, can be the perfect way to end your day and why not do it with something local?

Last season guests could choose between South African, French & New Zealand wines, but from now on we can proudly say we also serve Tanzanian wine!

Cetawico Chenin Blanc from Dodoma has been added on the list. It is a straw coloured wine with intense fragrances of fruit and flowers. It is well-structured and can perfectly be served with seafood and white meat.

This organic wine is produced at 1100m above sea level, on a plateau in Tanzania approximately 700km south of the equator.

If this post made you thirsty, our drinks are cold and waiting for you!

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