7 night honeymoon itinerary

The perfect week-long combination of an adventurous safari offering a wide range of game activities plus time to relax and rejuvenate on the white sand shores of the Indian Ocean.

Day 1: Dar es Salaam – Siwandu, Selous Game Reserve

Just 45 minutes flight from Dar & you will find yourselves in the Selous Game Reserve, the largest in Africa. Selous Game Reserve boasts UNESCO World Heritage Site status for very good reason; home to the most exceptional and diverse wildlife, Selous has more than half of Tanzania’s elephant population, over 40,000 hippos and the largest population of lion on the continent.

Siwandu camp is a 10 minute game drive from the airstrip and is located in a grove of palms on the shore of Lake Nzerakera.  As well as ensuring a stunning backdrop for the camp, this lakeshore location offers a consistency of game viewing as the animals gravitate around the lake and is the only place in East Africa where you can experience water-based game activities.   After your orientation briefing you will have time to settle into your tented suite overlooking the lake before a mouthwatering two course lunch on the Pontoon boat.  Tucking into your lunch whilst drifting past crocodiles & hippos adds a very different dimension to the culinary experience! Meet your fellow safari friends over afternoon tea and freshly baked cake before embarking on your first game activity followed by camp fire drinks, a delicious, freshly prepared, three course dinner under the stars and a peaceful sleep with the noises of the bush just beyond the canvas.

Selous is Africa’s largest Game Reserve, the size of Switzerland and one of the last great wilderness areas on the continent. You will spend three unforgettable nights here as well as taking full advantage of viewing the abundant wildlife, either by boat, vehicle or on foot.

After lunch and a rest, there will be the opportunity to choose your first activity and begin to explore the Reserve, returning in time for sunset and dinner.

Days 2 - 3: Siwandu, Selous Game Reserve

With early morning tea or coffee and freshly baked biscuits delivered to your tent by your personal butler, you can prepare for the day of adventure and exploring the reserve after breakfast.  At Siwandu game drives tend to take place after breakfast as by then, the animals have gravitated towards the lake to drink ensuring a far denser concentration of game around the camp.

Siwandu offers a lovely wide range of game activities for our guests to experience. Discover the landscape in 4WD open sided game vehicles, led by an expert driver guide to explain wild encounters and extraordinary stories and information. Alternatively take a leisurely boat cruise on our lake and the Rufiji River tributaries; venture close and watch animals from a different perspective and delve into the fascinating life of water birds and our wonderful populations of hippo and crocodile. Or perhaps you wish to feel the thrill of a dawn game walk and have the opportunity to track animals and engage with the smaller habitats and ecosystems.  For guests younger than 16, who cannot take part in our main walk, we offer a fun, fact-filled children’s walk around our camp footprint.

By boat, either by following the course of the mighty Rufiji River or exploring Lake Nzerakera; weave amongst the pods of hippo and crocodile lining the bank and observe game coming down to drink.


Start the day earlier on a game walk, heading out on Selous’ most privileged of experiences. Accompanied by our experienced guide and an armed ranger, walk out into Africa’s largest wilderness, learn about the complex eco-system that it embraces, encounter the thrills and be enthralled at the wonder of being at the heart of nature.


Explore the game in the surrounding areas, from your seat on an open-sided vehicle, a comfortable and privileged journey through the wild African bush. You can expect to see any of the major African mammals, including elephant, giraffes, lions, leopard and even the rare African Wild Dog.

Return to camp for a splendid lunch, then a difficult decision between a siesta or a dip in the swimming pool whilst waiting for the heat of the day to subside. Mid afternoon meet for a cup of tea or cooling lemonade and scrumptious cakes under the Jackel Berry tree, and then move onto your second safari of the day - slowly meandering along the Rufiji River or perhaps tracking a leopard and her cub through the woodland.

Booked in advance, we also offer Walking Safaris in the Selous, to take us back to the original 'Safari Style'. Walk or drive to the camp, set up exclusively for our use on the shores of the lake. Then relax under hot bucket showers and meet by the fire for a sundowner and dinner under the African sky ablaze with stars. Sleep in small domed star gazer tents, each accompanied with a basin and hand towel.

Day 4: Siwandu, Selous Game Reserve – Ras Kutani

From the magic of the bush to the cast away paradise of the Indian Ocean.  This morning you wave goodbye to the plains game and wild dog of Selous and fly either directly to Ras Kutani (with Safari Air Link) or via Dar es Salaam followed by a fascinating 1.5 hour road journey through market towns before arriving in the haven of Ras Kutani, 25 km south of Dar es Salaam.

Ras Kutani is a cast away paradise on the Indian Ocean providing white sand beaches as far as the eye can see. Checking into one of the nine beachside cottages or one of the beautiful, large, light, airy hillside suites, ideal for honeymoon couples or small families, guarantees pure relaxation. A vast array of activities, varying from tranquil spa treatments and village walks to snorkelling amongst shipwrecks and kayaking on the lagoon, ensure a truly memorable trip.

Invited to your beachside cottage or hillside suite, cast your khaki and shoes aside and relax into beach pace of life with BBQ lunches, sunset cocktails and delicious private dinners while feeling the sand between your toes.

Ruaha has gained a reputation amongst safari connoisseurs for its unique ecological and geographical character, offering a cross-section of species and a climate that is unique to the country. It is the largest National Park in Africa, and the feeling of remoteness and the spirit of adventure are immense. After afternoon tea, set out on a game drive in our open-sided vehicle, following the course of the Great Ruaha River in search of wildlife. Perhaps find elephants digging for water in the dry river bed, or catch a rare sighting of the African Wild Dog. As the sun sets, stop to admire the scenery and sip on a sundowner, before heading back to camp for hot showers and convivial drinks before dinner, discussing the day’s events and swapping safari stories.

Days 5 – 7: Ras Kutani

Wake up to the glowing sunrise and the chatter of monkeys in the trees, which cocoon your room. Ras Kutani is located on the shores of the Indian Ocean and lies next to a fresh water lagoon with a backdrop of a virgin coastal forest so you can fully immerse in the pure natural world.

Ras Kutani’s keynote is relaxation, escape from the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in this peaceful sanctuary but for those wanting to drag themselves away from their sun lounger, we do offer beachside activities.   Head to our spa for a rejuvenating massage, or try boogie boarding, kayaking on the lagoon, venture for a forest or beach walk, snorkel around our shore-side shipwreck or a visit our local village. We are also lucky enough to host turtles, who lay their nests on our white sand beach so guests may have the opportunity to watch hatchings during the months of June to August.

Jongomero is situated far to the South of the park and it feels like we have all of Africa to ourselves as we roam the riverine areas and hills. Birding is quite spectacular, with the park boasting some 500 different species of birds, including the Ruaha Red-billed hornbill which is unique to the park. Ruaha is an ecological convergence for Northern and Southern species of mammal and is also one of the few areas where Greater and Lesser Kudu can be seen. Game drives in Ruaha are unique and cater for the safari connoisseur, and with the bush luxury of Jongomero as our base, we can enjoy a most exclusive and rewarding safari experience. Dawn game walks are an absolute must; experience the warmth of the African sun warming your back as you navigate the dry river beds and listen to your expert guide tell you fascinating and often bizarre stories of the local flora, fauna, insects, birds and animals.

Again, as in Selous, there is an opportunity for a Walking Safari; if you are interested please book in advance

Day 8: Ras Kutani, Swahili Coast

With your luggage packed, depart Ras Kutani by car or consider an transfer upgrade to a convenient and discounted 10 minute charter flight to Dar es Salaam where you can pick up your international flight home.

The tranquil Indian Ocean shores of Tanzania - Ras Kutani is a small coastal retreat of castaway luxury, set alone on a pristine beach of white sands, cooled by the Indian Ocean. Immerse yourselves in the spirit of relaxation and indulgence that is Ras Kutani’s specialty. With a choice of walks along the beach, through the coastal forest or visit the local village of Gomvu; the opportunity to boogie board or kayak, or to watch turtles hatch or catch a glimpse of a passing humpback whale, there is always plenty to do between relaxing!

Days 8 – 10: Ras Kutani, Swahili Coast

Truly relax your body after your days on safari by indulging in a massage, facial or beauty treatments available with our onsite spa therapist. For guests more interested in ocean sports, explore our shipwreck just off our shores by snorkeling or kayaking in the lagoon. Snorkel equipment, boogie boards and kayaks are all freely available for guests to use. Nature lovers will find their pleasure close to home. The tropical, coastal forest behind the lodge boasts some 132 different species of trees in many of which one can watch the antics of four species of monkey, including the spectacular black-and-white colobus. Next to this forest walk one can also make a visit to the village nearby to taste Swahili life.

Day 11: Ras Kutani, Swahili Coast - Dar es Salaam

On your final day, pack and enjoy your last few hours of tropical sunshine before transferring back to Dar es Salaam either by road or air to meet your international flight back home – Bon Voyage and Karibu Tena!