Set along the banks of the seasonal Jongomero River, in the south of Ruaha National Park, Tanzania.
GPS co-ordinates of Jongomero Airstrip: 7° 53 ' 95 " S - 34° 34 ' 97 " E
Rwy 900m, elev 3000', 16/34 - sloping - land 34 unless strong SE wind
GPS co-ordinates of Jongomero Main Camp: 7° 54 ' 412 " S - 34° 34 ' 201 " E


Guests will be collected by car at Jongomero Airstrip, which is 5 mins drive from camp. Coastal Aviation and Safari Airlink fly to Jongomero Airstrip from Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Seronera or Migration Capital, Zanzibar, Selous and Mafia. Approximate flight time from Dar es Salaam is between 1 hour 20 mins and 2 hours 30 mins (depending on type of aircraft and number of stops).

Enter via the Ruaha Main Entrance Gate (Please note we do not take bookings whereby guests come with their own car and driver/guide. Unless guests do game drives with our guides. The driver can then be booked in the guide tent.)


Ruaha National Park has a different climate and seasonal pattern to our other camps as it is located further inland, west of the Southern Highlands. From June to November, Ruaha has a wonderful fresh climate with cool crisp evenings of 10˚C or less and warmer days of high 20˚Cs. As the year unfolds the days become warmer and the water sources in the Park diminish making it a wonderful time of year for both tracking and walking.

Ruaha has only one annual rain cycle, similar to Southern Africa, and that begins in December; an exciting time for the Park as the seasonal sand rivers begin to flow and the Park becomes alive with springtime as the plants bud, the insects fly, awakening the wealth of Ruaha birdlife. Migratory birds return to the park to breed with their full plumage and unique calls, with the Ruaha wilderness yielding a high rate of new species, including the Ruaha Red-billed Hornbill and the Ruaha Chat. It is warmer than the earlier months of the season with temperatures ranging from 15˚C to low 30˚C. Following the rains the Park is very green and the game can be more dispersed and harder to spot through the thickened bush nevertheless this time of year offers a stunning safari experience.  During the green season, TANAPA puts a hold on walking.  The camp is closed in April and May.


The camp’s location is perfect for game viewing because of the proximity of the Jongomero seasonal river and the Great Ruaha River, it allows guests to wake early and set out to the park on foot or 4WD vehicle with a packed breakfast and a sense of adventure. After a lunchtime rest, the afternoon activity leaves after tea and cake and returns for drinks and safari stories after sunset. We do not do night drives. Each evening the camp managers will discuss with guests what they would like to do the following day.

All activities have first aid kits and radios as standard. For your safety, on game walks and walking safaris, as well as the armed qualified walking guide there is an armed TANAPA ranger. Please note an extra Game Walk TANAPA fee of $35 per person will be charged in camp as this activity cannot be prebooked.  Walking Safaris / Fly-camping must be pre-booked.  Dawn Game Walks usually begin late June / early July and continue until the first rains in Dacemeber.  Please note we cannot guarantee walking.

Private vehicles are available for prebooking at a rate of $300 + VAT per vehicle, which includes an expert driver guide.  Please keep in mind that a group of four guests in Jongomero will automatically be allocated a private vehicle.

Child policy

Due to safety concerns and other guests’ enjoyment of the camps we accept children from six years old with international bookings and children from 10 years old with resident bookings. At Jongomero we have a limit of two children (aged 6 – 11) in camp at any one time. Children in camp are the responsibility of the parent or guardian at all times.


Tour Operators and Tanzanian residents are welcome to contact us directly for accommodation rates, please email reservations@selous.com.

Selous Safari Company recommend international guests book via an African specialist – their vast knowledge and experience will help plan your ideal itinerary and ensure you organise a perfect holiday. If you require recommendations of reputable tour operators please contact us.

Rates & money

Rates include full room and board, two safari activities per day, vehicle transfers to and from Jongomero airstrip, filtered drinking water, tea & coffee, laundry service (please note due to Tanzanian culture we are unable to accept ladies underwear but do provide washing powder in the rooms). The rates exclude drinks, conservation and concession fees, Tourism Development Levy, fly-camping, gratuities of a personal nature, Flying Doctors Medivac Insurance Policy and tips.

Final bills are payable in US Dollars, Tanzanian Shillings, Euros and Pounds Sterling; credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Amex), a 3% PesaPal admin fee is applicable.

Please be aware US Dollars will only be accepted if they are post-issue 2006.

Please note our camps are situated in remote locations and therefore after Dar es Salaam you will not have access to an ATM or bank.

All rooms are fitted with a small safe which can be programmed by the guest.

Health & dietary

For those guests with specific dietary requests or allergies please notify your tour operators or Selous Safari Company directly on booking.

Selous Safari Company highly recommend visiting your doctor or travel clinic before travelling to Tanzania to ensure you have the correct vaccinations and medication.

Tanzania is a malaria zone; the best precaution is to be well prepared.

  • Travel with insect repellent – we can recommend any citronella based repellents and MosiGuard as it is not only effective but also natural
  • Pack long sleeved shirts and trousers for the evening
  • Keep tent closed from late afternoon
  • Carry antihistamine or hydrochortozone cream to reduce itching

Tsetse flies can be found in the area around Jongomero. To avoid bites all our game vehicles burn elephant dung in the rear of the vehicle, a natural repellent and we recommend applying Mosiguard cream on game drives and avoid wearing dark colours as the flies are attracted to navy blue and black.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day; recommended amount is between 2-3 litres per day to avoid dehydration.

Power, Phone Signal & Internet

Power in camp is 240 VAC powered by solar panels and generator. Due to the cool climate, fans are unnecessary but in each tent there is lighting and two 24hour power wall sockets (British three-pin) – please note high consumption electrical items, such as hairdryers cannot be used.

In the camp there is no mobile phone signal. WiFi access is available at the pool area during daylight hours. Due to the remoteness of the area signal strength may be variable.

Luggage & Suggested Packing List

On all light weight aircraft in Tanzania there is a strict weight restriction of 15kg / 33lbs and soft bags are requested for easy storage.

Below is a suggested packing list for Jongomero.

  • Neutral khaki coloured safari clothing, no bright or dark colours
  • Ruaha has a cooler climate so we recommend both short sleeves and shorts for the day and long sleeved/trousered clothing for the evening and possibly a fleece for morning walks and game drives
  • Comfortable walking shoes – no need for heavy hiking books as walking is even and the bush not thick
  • Swimsuit
  • Lightweight waterproofs
  • Binoculars
  • Torch
  • Bird and game books
  • Camera equipment, including plenty of memory capacity and waterproof cover/ziplock bag
  • Plug adaptors (British three pin plug is required)
  • Sunglasses
  • Widebrimmed sunhat – preferably with a head strap for game drives
  • High SPF sunscreen
  • Basic first aid kit including mosquito repellent and antihistamine cream

Selous Safari Company works with local communities at all our camps and many guests ask if they can donate supplies, if you are interested in this please visit our Charity page.

Check out time

Our check out time is at 10h00, a later departure may incur a fee or charge for an extra lunch