Bas Rosenkamp & Suzanne Scheffer

Company Affairs & Camp Managers

Born and raised in The Netherlands, both Suzanne Scheffer and Bastiaan Rosenkamp studied a mix of hospitality and service management. Combining their traditional careers with annual trips to exciting destinations, and it was their trips to Africa that made them decide to radically change their ambitions. In 2005 they left their Dutch careers behind and adventured on an 18 month trip through Africa. Travelling through the continent, they soon realised that no other place on earth offers such variety of nature and vast wilderness. It was right there that they decided to combine their hospitality career with their passion for the wilderness areas of Eastern Africa. Revitalising their hospitality experience back in Europe during 2007, they ran a string of small luxury hotel-chalets in Austria, Switzerland and France. Not long after they got their chance to run their first lodge in Tanzania. Their jobs in Africa have taken them from the beaches of the Indian Ocean to Victoria Falls, Zambia and back to Serengeti plains of Tanzania. From there they pushed westwards to the Mahale Mountains on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. In 2014, Suzanne and Bas were delighted to join Selous Safari Company as Camp Managers at Siwandu and look forward to another hospitality adventure in the biggest protected area in Africa, the Selous Game Reserve. After two years of working in Selous, Bas and Suz decided the beach was calling them and relocated to Ras Kutani where they also undertook the role of Company Affairs Manager.